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The first New Zealand Author with a distinctive "Kiwi" voice
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AG Books, a New Zealand publisher, presents the Collector's Edition of Mark and Gus. The distinctive characters in these funny stories became famous on New Zealand Radio in the 1950s and now you can enjoy their stories again and again in this incomparable e-book. These ten funny stories are from the original serials published by the New Zealand Herald, Christchurch Weekly and Auckland Weekly News in the 1920s. They retain their fresh humour and you will love reading them today as much as audiences did in the past.

Charming, funny and delightful, you won't be able to put this book down.

The first New Zealand Author with a distinctive "Kiwi" voice

Frank S. Anthony was one of the first authors to write fiction on everyday life in rural New Zealand. He was also the first to use idioms and dialect that were unique to New Zealanders. He also masterfully interprets the life of a dairy farmer after World War II. How?

Because he owned a 76 acres of dairy farm. He breathed life into Mark and Gus because that was the life he lived, and breathed. The people who surrounded him had the same hopes and dreams as his characters; the same dreams which Anthony shared and which dairy farmers in New Zealand still share. The authenticity that he wrote with could only be done by a man who has "lived the life" himself.

You know true quality when you see it

And Anthony delivers. E.H. McCormick describes Anthony as a writer who "effected during the early twenties a minor revolution in New Zealand fiction". He created a genuine folk image of a typical New Zealander; an image which many Kiwis (New Zealanders) can identify with. This series of short stories are an honest slice of Kiwi history. It's almost like transporting yourself into that time and watching the spark of the Kiwi dream unfolding. Mark himself talks about this when he is exhilarated from ploughing his swampy fields. He says:

I remember, as I sailed round that paddock with my feet just touching ground here and there, thinking high and noble thoughts, like carving a home in the wilderness, and not turning back once my hand was put to the plough. I felt a thrill of pity for the old men, the city dudes, and all those who earned a nice easy living somewhere, because they were not game to come into the back blocks and live a man's life.

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Why Wait?

You can buy the Collector's Edition of Mark and Gus for only $8.95 U.S.

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